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ENG102: First-Year Composition (Veihdeffer)

Welcome to Your Library Research Guide and APA Lesson

Welcome! This guide is designed for students in Jim Veihdeffer's sections of ENG102; however, others conducting research might also find the content useful.  We will use this guide to complete your Library Instruction Lesson: APA and Resource Evaluation.

 This research guide is divided into sections that will help you locate and use a variety of information. Click on the tabs to the left or the links below to access each portion of the guide. Either gets you to the same information.

Click on the APA and Resource Evaluation link or tab to begin your Library Instruction Lesson: APA and Resource Evaluation.


  • APA and Resource Evaluation Lesson - An overview of your library lesson with learning outcomes and essential links. Step-by-step directions to completing this information literacy lesson.
  • Evaluating Information Sources - Tips for evaluating the authority, bias, and credibility of information.
  • Find Articles -- How to access articles from the library databases
  • Find Books -- How to access electronic and physical books, including reference books
  • Find Video/Images -- How to access the library's databases to find streaming video, physical DVDs, or copyright-compliant images from our film and art resources.
  • Website Evaluation -- Tips for evaluating the quality of resources found on the open web.
  • Citation Assistance -- Redirects you to the full guide and citation tools for MLA, APA, and Chicago citation styles
  • Ask a Librarian -- Available research assistance   
              Dreamingyakker. "Pencil, Composition Book," Flickr Creative Commons, 5 March 2006.