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ENG213: Introduction to the Study of Language (Murphy)

This guide was designed to support students enrolled in ENG213, however, others researching language might also find the content useful.

Search terms

Sentences or sentence fragments should NOT be used when database searching.  Instead, researchers can use keyword or phrase searching.  

Think of words that best describe the topic you are searching.  Quotation marks are used to identify phrase searching (for example, "language clusters").

Concepts can be identified using various words so it is helpful to identify synonyms or related terms as well. Use narrower and broader terms to decrease and increase results, respectively.   

Topic Synonyms Related terms
Dialect Regional speech patterns, "language clusters" Sociolect, ethnolect, idiolect, vernacular



Wikipedia can be used as a starting point, however, one cannot be certain of its reliability. 

It can help with defining a topic and identifying words or phrases for further searching.