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EXS101: Introduction to Exercise Science, Kinesiology, and Physical Education (Sawyer)

This guide was designed to support students enrolled in EXS101, however, others researching exercise science might also find the content useful.

Questions for reviewing a research report in a fitness magazine

  1. What is the title of the magazine article?   

  2. What is the title of the research article the magazine article references?

  3. What is the major research finding shared in the magazine article? 

  4. Based on your understanding of the research is the magazine article factually correct?   Explain your answer.  

  5. In the magazine article, are the research results exaggerated or oversimplified?   Explain your answer.  

  6. Based on your answers above did the magazine article sensationalize the research findings?  Explain your answer.  

Finding the research report referenced in a magazine article

1. Identify a magazine article that cites primary research about a health and wellness topic. Look for clues such as study or research in the article. 



Health > January - February 2015 > Page 13 - "The Comfort Food Myth"
Most Magazine articles will not contain a complete reference to a research article so you will need to do further searching.  
Key details to gather include the study author, author affiliations (for example, a university or government agency), research sponsor, research topic, journal name and date
This Health magazine article refers to research about "comfort food" conducted by Traci Mann, PhD. 

2. In order to access an article through the library databases or an open web publication, bibliographic details are needed. There include the article title, author, journal title, volume and date of publication. 

3. Gather as much information as possible about the research from the magazine article (study author, author affiliations, research sponsor or university, research topic, journal name and/or date). Typically magazine articles do not contain complete references to supporting research. 



Google > Traci Mann PHD >
Searching Google for Traci Mann, PhD. finds the Mann Laboratory website.



4. Google these details in an attempt to find additional information related to the primary research. 





Typically the study author's professional webpage (for example, a university biography) or CV will list their publications. In this case a New York Times article found on the Mann Laboratory site identified the journal (Health Psychology) that published the research.

5. If the article is not from an open source journal, use the GCC databases to access the primary research article that is referred to in the magazine article. 

6. GCC's Online Journals Search can be used to identify whether the library has access to the needed journal. 

7. If GCC does hold it, the study author or keywords such as the research topic can be used to search within the journal. 






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