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COVID-19 GCC Library Resources Guide

Ways to Contact the GCC Library

GCC Library Building Closed

In order to protect our students and staff from the spread of the Coronavirus, the college decided to close the doors of the GCC Library until such time that it is once again deemed safe.

Online and Distance Services and Support

That said, we still have numerous online and distance services and support options through which students and staff can continue to contact the library.  These are listed on our updated library home page and include options to...

  • Call Us! 623-845-3112-- Students/Staff can continue to call us and ask research questions during our normal business hours, Mon.-Thurs (7am - 10pm), Fri. (7am - 5pm), Sat. (9am - 5pm), and Sun. (1pm - 6pm)
  • Email Us! -- Students/Staff can also email us research our library questions and we strive to get back to each question within 24 hours, if not sooner.
  • Set up a One-on-One Consultation! -- We are still scheduling one-on-one consultations for those research questions that require more in-depth support.  However, to keep social distancing measures, we will be doing these consultations through more distance means, such as Google Hangouts, Skype, or the telephone.
  • Chat with Us, 24/7! -- Last but not least, we have bolstered the number of librarians supporting the chat service.  This chat service allows students to chat with a librarian anytime, day or night.

Instructional Support for GCC Faculty

In addition to the expansion of our online services and support, we are also expanding our online faculty instructional options.  Already, we have a number of research guidestutorialsvideos, and handouts that can be utilized in courses.  However, we are also offering a number of online instructional options to support your courses.  These can all be found on our updated Online Library Instruction Request Form, and include all the following options: 

  • Help Gathering eResources and Videos for Canvas:  Are you looking for some eResources and videos for your Canvas courses.  Let us know and we would be happy to scour our library resources to add that perfect learning object for your lesson.
  • Create a Customized Research Guide for your Course:  Would you like your students to research the library but are not sure where to point them?  Have us build a customized research guide geared to your class or to a specific assignment.  These can be loaded into your Canvas course under the Library Resources link.
  • Online Instructional Video: Do you want your students to find quality research resources for an assignment?  Let us create an instructional video showing them how.
  • Customized Tutorials:  Are you looking for a gradable tutorial option that can be uploaded into a Canvas course?  We can create one of these for you as well!
  • Embedded Librarianship:  Do you want a librarian in your Canvas course helping create, grade, and assist with your research assignments?  Let us know and we will hop in there and lend a hand.