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ENG101: First-Year Composition

This research guide is meant to help users navigate resources for English 101 students and to guide them through beginning research.

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  1. Click on "Create a Personal ID." 
  2. Select a username and password. We recommend using your MEID username, so that you remember, even if you choose a different password.
  3. Use your GCC student email account for the "Google Account email" section. Student emails are your (example:

If you are off campus, the link will prompt you to log in with your MEID and password, just like any other database.

MLA Practice Assignment

Create an MLA citation in NoodleTools for each link below:


Measles Cases and Outbreaks


Why Measles Is Back in the U.S.


For each source, you will need to identify the information type. See a brief list of definitions below.


Examples of information source types:

Webpage: An online source of any length or language, part of a larger website.

Reference Source: Works that provide an overview of a topic, basic background information, and define key concepts. Examples of reference sources include encyclopedias, dictionaries, almanacs, directories, and handbooks.

Video Clip: Short clips usually from a longer recording. In NoodleTools, use this for Youtube. Do not confuse with Film or Video Recording, which is a full-length documentary or feature film.

Magazine Article: Easy-to-understand articles on popular topics geared toward a general audience. Magazines are published periodically.

Journal Article: A scholarly source published periodically. Journal articles are geared toward members of a  profession. These are written by experts for experts. They contain original research, critical analysis, and usually review prior research (called a "literature review.") Most journal articles are accessed online through a library subscription database, though there are also print copies of journals.

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