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Librarian Recommendations

About Me as a Podcast Listener

Almost everyone who knows me, is aware of my obsession with podcasts.  I listen to them everyday, several times each day.  On weekdays, I start with NPR's Up First and then move on to The New York Times show The Daily.  At that point during the week, and from the get go on weekends, I listen to episodes from my other favorites as they drop.  My first podcast was Pop Culture Happy Hour which I have moved away from over the last couple of years.  Not that it isn't good, believe me it is very entertaining, but rather because I have found others that are more in line with my current information wants and needs.  My very favorites right now are not included on this list because they tend to be political in nature.  Even so, with my high activity level and the multitasking listening allows for, I am caught up on many of the shows I have recommended below.  

Recommended Podcasts

About Me as a Reader

I was not a strong reader as a child. Honestly, I really didn't start reading regularly until college.  I enjoy non-fiction material, magazines, journals and books, among other sources.  One thing I find frustrating about being a librarian is the stereotype that our job is all about books. Sure, that is part of it, but there is so much more. Personally, what I love most is learning and researching. Just today, I was party to a very interesting conversation about tortoise excrement and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Maybe my next read needs to be Holy Shit: Managing Manure to Save Mankind by Gene Logsdon. The few fiction works I enjoy are those that have a supernatural element.  I grew up in a very superstitious Sicilian American household and I think that is why I am partial to dark and other worldly works.  

Recommended Books

Recommendations welcome!

Please email me recommendations, especially if they involve animals of any kind.

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