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Librarian Recommendations

About Me as a Reader

Image of SeanWhen I am not in the library, I often enjoy a good story or book.  Most often, I end up reading Science Fiction short stories.  I don't know why, but that just seems to be where my interests lie.  With that said, on my recommendation page, I have listed a number of short story magazines and collections along with lists of some of my favorite audio fiction sci-fi short stories that you can find for free.  As well, I have listed some of my other favorite books below that, which I found either enjoyable or helpful throughout my life.  I hope you enjoy!!!


16 Recommended Science Fiction Short Stories (Available with Audio Online)

Mostly when I "read", it is audio fiction.  Given the fact that I like a lot of sci-fi audio fiction, I thought I would share some of my favorite stories.  All of these can be found and listened to online for free...


Science Fiction Magazines and Podcasts

If you are curious where you can find additional science fiction stories like those listed above, you can often find them in sci-fi magazines and podcasts.  Below is a listing of some of these magazines and podcasts either available online or through the GCC Library.


There are a few additional magazines that you can purchase in stores, perhaps most notably Analog and Asimov's, which are both worth checking out.  As well, there are a number of other fiction magazines that do short stories but specialize in other genres such as fantasy, horror, mystery, or literary fiction that are also out there.  It is important to note for aspiring writers, many of these magazines contain open submissions where you can try to submit a story for publishing.

Some Recommended Books

Here are some of the books I might recommend.  I have included both some of favorite science fiction books along with a number of other titles that I found interesting or helpful through the years.


Thoughts and Recommendations

I hope you enjoyed some of my recommendations.  Let me know if you had any thoughts or recommendations for me.  You can email me at

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