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COM225: Public Speaking

This guide was designed to support students enrolled in COM225, however, others researching communication might also find the content useful.

Research tips

1. Select a speech topic.  

Decide what aspects of the topic to research. For example, if demonstration speech is making potato salad the presenter might research the potato. 

  • What is the origin of the potato? 
  • Which variety of potato is best for potato salad. 
  • How many potatoes are eaten in the United States each year?  

2. Develop a list of search terms.  

                What are 5 terms that can be used to search for information on the following topic:  

        ‚Äč                                                  How to make an emergency kit

3. Decide which resource types will have information on the topic.

  • Books (physical or e-books?)
  • Articles (magazines, newspapers, scholarly or trade?)  
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