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COM230: Small Group Communication (Mays)

This guide was designed to support students enrolled in COM230, however, others researching communication might also find the content useful.


Limit results to the following source types (magazines, academic journals and newspapers).

Review and use the hyperlinks in an article's bibliographic record in order to find additional information on a topic.




Consider the document types and limit accordingly:

News Reports - Time sensitive pieces that include facts such as dates and places.  They are meant to be  more neutral in tone.

Articles & features - These pieces are longer and explore topics in greater depth.  A feature article oftentimes expresses a point of view.

Editorials & commentaries - Opinion pieces.  The author might be an editor or an expert in a field, such as a sports journalist. 

Further limit by subjects:  

See also, Other searches to try at the bottom of the page.


Select full text.  Change the publication date to limit a search to preferred content.  


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