Add an annotation

After you create a source citation, you have the option to add an annotation. Check with your teacher if you aren't sure whether or not to annotate your sources. We also provide some helpful hints here


On the source form, to add an annotation, click the button "Save & Add annotation."



A pop-up annotation box will appear.


Annotations will auto-save as you type, which ensures you don't lose any work. To view earlier edits of your annotation, click "Manage versions" in the lower right corner of the box (1). A column of earlier versions will appear to the right of the annotation. Select the most recent edit (2). 




To edit an annotation

On the Sources screen, to edit (or add) an annotation to any source, you can click the "Options" button next to the citation on the Sources screen, then choose "Edit Annotation" as shown:


Keep in mind that if you are writing long annotations (not just one or two sentences), you'll want to choose the option under "Print/Export > Formatting Options... > Annotation Spacing" (see below) that changes the annotation formatting so that they start on a new line with more spacing.