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ENH285: Contemporary Women Writers (Williams)

Guide to library resources for ENH285.

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Recommended Literature Databases

The databases below are specific to literature topics. Search by author's name or title of work to find general overviews, plot summaries, literary criticism, author biographies, and more.

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Useful Search Terms

Issues  Examples of search terms & phrases (not all inclusive)
Women  Females, "abused women," lesbians, "bisexual women," "black women," "Latin American women," daughters, mothers, "middle-aged women," "middle class women," "Muslim women," "overweight women," "poor women," "pregnant women," prostitutes, science and women, "single women," "single women," sisters, flappers, women and war, women and religion, "feminine identity," femininity, etc. 
Marriage  "Common law marriage," "arranged marriage," "forced marriage," "marriage of convenience," "open marriage," polygamy, religion and marriage, love, sacraments, "bride price," divorce, remarriage, "same-sex marriage," adultery, courtship, betrothal, etc.  
Childbirth  Reproduction, "birth customs," "maternal age," "natural childbirth,"birth rate," labor, lactation, stillbirth, infants, birth, motherhood, "postpartum depression," etc.
Birth control "Family planning," abortion, contraception, "natural family planning," "family size," "unplanned pregnancy," "reproductive rights," "teenage pregnancy," etc. 
Education  "Women's colleges," "basic education," "career education," coeducation, "classical education," "compulsory education," discrimination and education, women and education, feminism and education, gender differences and education, "higher education," "home economics," "home schooling," literacy, "moral education," "multicultural education," racism and education, "secular education," sex discrimination and education, sexism and education, etc. 
Jobs/careers Occupations, teachers, "nursing and women," "female intensive occupations," "flight attendants," housekeepers, midwives, occupations and race, "sex workers," vocation, employees, employment, work, handicraft, etc.  
Sexual orientation  "human sexuality," bisexuality, heterosexuality, lesbianism, "sexual preference," "sexual fluidity," "gender identity," "coming out," transsexualism, etc. 
Military  "Armed forces," "armed services," sexism and military, women and military, peacekeepers, "sexual harassment" and military,  "military personnel,"war and women, Navy, rape and military, "military service," etc. 
Fashion, makeup and hairstyles  Dressmaking, stereotypes and fashion, "women's clothing," "fashion innovations," fashion and politics, clothing, fashion and fads, "lesbian chic," "personal style," cosmetics, jewelry, etc. 
Money Economics, business and women, "division of labor," "economic activity," finance, salary, pay, income, "sex discrimination" and economics, socioeconomics, welfare, etc. 
Artistic endeavors: Writing, painting, drawing, singing, dancing or theater  "Music and women," art and dance, art and "popular culture," childbirth and art, feminism and poetry, "gender differences" and art, gender and art, homosexuality and writing, identity and art, flappers, virgins and art, sketching, etc. 

Recommended General Databases

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