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ENG102: First-Year Composition (Needham)

This guide is to be used for research by students in Catherine Needham's English 102 classes.

Writing project 1 - Library session

1. Write down your working topic.

2. Search terms:  List 5 keywords or phrases related to the topic.  

3. Reference books & entries:  Search Gale Virtual Reference Library to find an entry related to your topic.  Email the entry to yourself.

4. Books & eBooks:  Use the Find Books widget to locate a book related to your topic.  Write down the call number of a physical book or email the permalink of an eBook to yourself.  

5. Article database:  Search Academic Search Complete for an article related to your topic.  Email the article to yourself.

Writing project 2 - Library session

1. Search the recommended databases, Arizona Republic and Opposing Viewpoints, for resources.  

2. Use the Google search tips to find local source on the open web.

  • beekeeping 85281
  • Arizona beekeeping~statistics
  • Africanized bees
  • beekeeping ordinances

Writing project 3 - Library session

1. Search the library's media databases for resources.  

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