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GCC Reads- Born a Crime

GCC Reads Contacts

Heather Merrill

Office Number: 07-113


Phone number: (623) 845-3768


Sean O’Brien

Office Number: L-127


Phone number: (623) 845-3120


Pamela Gautier

Office Number: L-120


Phone Number: (623) 845-3425

Guide Created by Pam Gautier

Getting Started

Welcome to the GCC Reads- Born a Crime Research Guide!  This guide is meant to help book groups and is divided into several main parts, which can be found through the left navigator options:

  • Getting Started -- This tab contains a book trailer and other information to get your group started.
  • Discussion -- This tab will provide information on possible questions/topics for the group. 
  • Online Discussion-- This tab links to the online discussion group optional enrollment.
  • Readalikes- This tab provides a list of similar books you can read if you like Born a Crime.
  • Apartheid- This tab contains a brief video on the history of Apartheid and four reference articles detailing the history.


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