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REL202: Classics of Asian Religions Buddhism Assignment (Ayala)

This research guide is meant to help users navigate resources for REL202 students.

Find Books




When looking up resources on this topic, consider combining the search term Buddhism with the cultural influence you are considering with AND. Doing so will focus your search results to only those results that contain both aspects of this topic.

For Example: Buddhism AND Folk Tales, Buddhism AND Japan, Buddhism AND Shrines,
Buddhism AND Kung Fu, etc.

Featured Books and eBooks

Here is a non-exhaustive list of books and eBooks that deal with the intersection of Buddhism and culture.  You can access the eBooks on this list by simply clicking on their titles.  For physical books, you can find the call number in the descriptions of the books below to help you find the item on the shelf.  If you need any assistance, please ask a librarian.


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