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REL202: Classics of Asian Religions Buddhism Assignment (Ayala)

This research guide is meant to help users navigate resources for REL202 students.

About this Guide

This research guide is to help students of Prof. Ayala's Classics of Asian Religions complete their Cultural Influences on Buddhism assignment.  It is divided into several key parts:

Getting Started - This will help you find some background information on Buddhism with Reference Articles and sources to help you understand the fundamental issues with the topic.

Books and eBooks - Next we have books and eBooks.  These resources go in-depth into a lot of topics and you can navigate to specific chapters to drill down to the content you need.

Scholarly Articles - You might be surprised to find a number of researchers already looking into this topic.  Often these scholars will publish the findings of their research in scholarly articles that can be found here.

Videos - The GCC Library also has a number of documentary videos that might also provide insight into this topic.

APA Style - This section contains links to helpful guides and information on citing in APA, which will be required of you in this paper.

Buddhism Research Guide

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