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Behavioral Health Sciences (BHS)

This research guide is meant to help users navigate resources for BHS students.

Behavioral Health Sciences Program Overview

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Behavioral health technicians assist in the care of treatment of clients with mental or developmental disabilities. They assess the needs of clients and provide assistance with obtaining community resources to meet their unique needs. A rapidly increasing senior population and increase in individuals seeking mental health treatment should make job prospects plentiful, especially for applicants with appropriate postsecondary education.

The Behavioral Health Science programs are designed to provide students with the skills necessary to deliver basic, specialized, and comprehensive behavioral health services. The core focus of the program is practical training and service-learning experiences. For more information please visit the Counseling Department department page.

Associate in Applied Science

Certificate of Completion

Other Information


  • Residential care facilities and mental health clinics
  • Local, state and federal agencies
  • Hospitals, nursing homes and other personal care facilities
  • Home health care services
  • Public health agencies
  • Regional behavioral health providers

Job Titles

  • Behavioral health technician
  • Social and human service assistant
  • Parent aid
  • Human services worker
  • Mental health technician
  • Counseling paraprofessional
  • Respite care workers
  • Family advocate
  • Psychiatric aid/technician
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