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CPD150: Counseling/Personal Development

This research guide is meant to help users navigate resources for CPD150 students.

About this Guide

Welcome to the CPD150 Research Guide!  This guide is meant to help students in CPD150 find the resources and information they need to be successful in CPD 150 and beyond...  It is divided into several main parts, which can be found through the left:


  • Find Books -- This tab is meant to give some general advise on places you can search for books for your CPD150 studies.
  • Find Articles --  This tab is meant to give some general advise on places you can search for articles for your CPD150 studies and includes both strategies and databases sources that might be particularly helpful.
  • Find Videos -- This tab is meant to show you some places where you might find videos both in the library and online to help with your CPD150 studies.
  • College Skills & Success -- This tab is meant to help build you college skills including skills at studying, test-taking, and more...
  • Career Planning -- This tab will help you perform research into a variety of careers both to see what is out there and to find detailed information about all the careers available.
  • College Planning -- Your studies at GCC may be just the first step on a much longer journey into higher education.  This tab will provide information to help you take the next step and decide which colleges might be the right fit for you as you continue your educational journey.
  • Finding and Landing the Job -- This tab will help provide information about how to land the job, and includes sources on resumes, job interviews, and job seeking that can be found at the GCC Library.
  • Personal Development -- This tab is all about you and your development.  Take a look to find both videos and books to aid you in your quest to become a better and happier person.


CPD 150 Research Guide

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