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Faculty Diversity Resource Guide

This research guide is meant to help faculty find resources to help foster diversity and equity.

About this Guide

Welcome to the GCC Faculty Diversity Resources Guide!  This guide is meant to help faculty find information to support and improve the educational outcomes of diverse students.  It contains a wealth of resources both on pedagogy and understanding our diverse world.  It is divided into several main parts, which can be found through the left:


  • Find Articles -- This tab provides a number of articles on improving the educational outcomes of diverse students.  As well, you will find a helpful presentation on incorporating diversity icebreakers and activities in the classroom, links to the diversity committee website, and different databases and sources where you can find articles to improve educational outcomes and improve understanding of diversity that you can share with your students.
  • Find Books -- This tab will provide information on finding topical books available either at the GCC Library, online, or through another MCCCD library.  It also features a number of books on improving support of different diverse students.
  • Find Video -- This tab will provide information to help you find you find either DVDs or streaming video sources on your topic.  To this end, the GCC Library has a wealth of educational and documentary videos that may be used in the classroom.  A number of videos are also featured here that might support diversity in one's classroom.


Faculty Diversity Guide

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