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REL292: Goddess Religions (Roam)

This research guide is meant to help users navigate resources for REL292 students.

Reference Encyclopedias

Below are a number of the GCC Library's online reference resources.  These resources contain a wealth of encyclopedia and background information content.  Where possible, we have highlighted the Religious Studies encyclopedias in these collections.

Mind Map

One really helpful way to research a topic is to build a Mind Map.  Mind Mapping is a way of visually connecting different ideas and their interrelated ideas.  As you consider Goddess topics, also consider the different connections that stem from this topic.  Below is an example of a Goddess Mind Map from Credo Reference (A Reference Database available through the GCC Library).  To the right are displayed articles and to the left is the Mind Map.  Toggle between the two to see the connections and articles associated with each node on the map.

Featured Reference Works

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