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Spring 2019- The Round House

This guide supports the GCC Reads Book Club.

Getting Started

Welcome to the GCC Reads- The Round House Research Guide!  This guide is meant to help book groups and is divided into several main parts, which can be found through the left navigator options:

  • Getting Started -- This tab contains a meeting times, the reading schedule, book summary, and an author bio.
  • Discussion -- This tab will provide information on possible questions/topics for the group. 
  • Ojibwe Tribe information.
  • ReadalikesThis tab provides a list of similar books you can read if you like The Round House.
  • Online Discussion-- This tab links to the online discussion group optional enrollment.


Introduction to the novel from Gale Literature Resource Center

"Storytelling is an important part of The RoundHouse (2012), for which Erdrich won the National Book Award. Through nested stories, Erdrich relates the coming of age of Joe Coutts, a thirteen-year-old boy whose mother is cruelly attacked. Joe then spends his summer trying to find the man who assaulted his mother, seeking revenge. The violence and sadness that Joe's family experiences are tempered by the strong sense of community that surrounds them."


"Overview: The Round House." Novels for Students, edited by Sara Constantakis, vol. 48, Gale, 2015. Literature

Resource Center,

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