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Keeping Current in Scientific Research (STEM)




If you need help finding an article...  Ask a Librarian!

Searching Individual Library Science Databases

Sometimes searching individual databases yields better results than using OneSearch, which is searching all databases.  If OneSearch is overwhelming or doesn't provide enough information, it can be easier for some topics to search different Science databases individually.

SCIENCE DATABASES                                                                                 

 Science Direct                                                                                                                                                                                                            

 Academic Search Complete                                                             




 Scientific American

 Intern'l Critical Tables of Num. Data 



CINAHL (Nursing & Allied Health)

Science Direct

MEDLINE Biomedical Journals


HealthSource Nursing Academic

Gale ONEfile Nursing and Allied Health

Gale Health & Medicine


Library Database Searching Strategies

To search databases effectively, one must decide upon the keywords to try in the search box.  Each of the these keywords and concepts should be separated by the word AND:

  • COVID and Vaccines
  • Crispr-CAS9 and cancer
  • Climate change and pollen
  • Deepfakes and technology and detection

As you search, you will find synonyms for some of the terms you used.  Try using different words in different combinations to find the most material you can on your topic.


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