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Women & Religion

Ban Zhao (45-120)

  • Zhao is known for her efforts she made as the first female in historian in China
    • Also known for promoting the education of Chinese women
  • At age 14, she got married. Not long after, her husband died and she had to raise her children alone.
  • Later on, Ban Zhao became the empress’ adviser
  • During her lifetime, she wrote 16 books of poems, multiple narratives and many essays.
  • Today, she is recognized for her achievements in terms of the progress of female education in China


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Madalyn Murray O'Hair - Atheist (1919-1995)

  • Known as the “most hated woman in America”
  • Her son was forced to read the bible and engage in prayer at his school
  • She took her disagreements to court in the case Murray vs. Curlett
  • Winning the case, it was put into effect that reading the bible and practicing in in public schools was illegal
  • She received large amounts of backlash for contradicting the religious beliefs of the majority of Americans
  • Her, her son, and her granddaughter were abducted and killed in 1995
  • Raised awareness and devoted her life to supporting alternate beliefs


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