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ARH101 Art History: Prehistoric through Gothic Art (Hall)

Research guide designed for ARH101 students with links to library databases, tips for scholarly research, and detailed instruction in producing an annotated bibliography.

Welcome! Meet Your Librarian

 I'm your librarian, Karen Reed, and I will be guiding you step by step through finding, evaluating, citing, and annotating resources for this assignment. Questions? Concerns? Need to chat with a librarian? You can email or set up a Google Meet with me by filling out this form.

Are you ready to research and annotate? You know you are!

But first, scroll down to read the Assignment Details. 

Assignment Details

You are creating an annotated bibliography, which is a list of resources containing two main elements:

  •  a list of citations of relevant, credible information sources (the bibliography), AND
  • a brief descriptive, critical, and evaluative paragraph following each citation (the annotation). 

For the topic of your annotated bibliography, your instructor has asked you to select an art object from the Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History. This piece must be non-Western and created before 1400A.D. You may not choose a piece from Europe, the ancient Mesopotamian/Persian periods of West Asia, or Egypt.

Your job is to locate, evaluate, cite, and annotate 6 credible, reliable information resources including one each of:

  •  a reference resource
  • a scholarly article
  • a website 

A tab in this guide has been dedicated to defining and helping you locate each of these different information types.

Additionally, you will be citing 2 primary resources, which will both be art objects:  1) the art object you choose for your annotated bibliography topic, and 2) a second art piece from roughly the same time, era, and geographic region. For example, if you have chosen a Chinese scroll from the Song Dynasty of China, then you should seek out a second art piece from China, from that era, and of the same style or closely related in some way to your selected art piece. This will be the second primary resource you cite.

That adds up to 5 of your 6 information resources. The 6th and final information resource can be an information type of your choosing. That means the 6th resource can be either a website, or a reference resource, or a scholarly article, your choice.





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