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Research guide for students of art, with links to library databases, tips for finding and evaluating research materials, and citation assistance.

GCC Art Collection

Collection Description

Japanese woodcut of Kabuki actors by Yoshiiku  The GCC Art Collection -- mostly located within the Library Media Center on the main campus of GCC -- includes more than 500 pieces of art.  The pieces include sculpture, paintings, prints, photography, and folk art from prehistory to the present day. Some highlights include:


  • an intaglio by Francisco Goya
  • a flock of Guinea fowl painted by Arizona wildlife artist Larry Toschik
  • a Colima dog figure from the Early Classic period (300 - 600 AD) of Western Mexico
  • photographs by noted photographers including Ansel Adams and Edward Weston
  • a painting by nationally recognized Arizona painter, Phillip Curtis
  • a contemporary Southwestern landscape by Arizona painter, Ed Mell
  • a Paolo Soleri bell sculpture designed to be seen in the round
  • a collection of masks from around the world
  • a pottery piece by Juan Quezada from the famed Mexican village of Mata Ortiz
  • a 19th century Japanese woodblock print by Yoshitoshi
  • an ancient Chinese vessel from the 3rd millennium B.C.E. Neolithic period
  • and much, much more

Collection Access & Audio Tour

Juniper Tree by Edward WestonThe collection is open to the public without charge during regular business hours

To enrich your art experience, a self-guided audio tour has been created. 

QR codes have been placed next to art tour pieces so that visitors may learn about select pieces of art via their own smart phone. For faster access to audio files, visitors may want to log into the GCC wireless network.

Listening wands are available at the circulation desk at the west end of the Library Media Center (where most of the collection is located).  The wands allow users to view the collection at their own pace and in any sequence.  To hear the entire tour, allow 90 minutes.  Some sculptures are located outside the LMC on the grounds of the GCC campus.

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