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Banned Books

A guide to resources on banned books, censorship, and organizations that fight censorship in America and across the globe.

About this Guide

Welcome to the GCC Banned Books Guide!  It is divided into several main parts, which can be found by clicking on the corresponding tab to the left:

  • Getting Started- Provides definitions of terms used in this research guide related to banned books and intellectual freedom.
  • Find Banned Books -- This tab will provide information on finding topical books available either at the GCC Library, online, or through another MCCCD library. Includes lists of banned books and specific book resource on banning and censorship.
  • Freedom of Expression -- This tab provides you with a few quick links to sources that provide background concepts and themes related to Freedom of Expression from various disciplinary perspectives.
  • Universal Declaration of Human Rights -- This tab explores the United Nations' Declaration of Human Rights, highlighting articles relevant to freedom of expression.
  • Anti-Censorship Organizations -- There are many different organizations that fight for freedom of expression both in the United States and around the world. This tab shows some of these organizations and links to their resources.
  • Citation Help -- This tab redirects you to the GCC Library's exhaustive citation guide, helping you cite your sources in MLA or APA format. Includes link for sign-up to a full, free NoodleTools account.
  • Find Articles -- This tab links to the general search box for articles available through the GCC Library databases.
  • Find Books -- This tab links to the general search box for books and eBooks available through the GCC Library.
  • Find Video -- This tab links to the general search box for DVDs or streaming video available through the GCC Library.


Banned books display


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