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CPD160: Introduction to Multiculturalism

This library research guide was designed to support CPD160 students in navigating library resources.

About this Guide

Welcome to the CPD160 Research Guide!  This guide is meant to help students in CPD160 find the resources and information they need to be successful in CPD 160 and beyond...  It is divided into several main parts, which can be found through the left:


  • Find Articles -- Use this tab to search for articles or read featured articles on multiculturalism, careers, and more.
  • Find Books -- This tab allows you to search for books and eBooks available through the ten MCCCD college libraries.
  • Find Video -- Explore GCC's streaming video and DVD resources. Search by title, keyword, or interest area.
  • Diversity Consciousness Resources -- These library databases focus on diversity and culture.
  • Sustainability Resources -- These library databases focus on global sustainability.
  • College Planning -- Your studies at GCC may be just the first step on a much longer journey into higher education.  This tab will provide information to help you take the next step and decide which colleges might be the right fit for you as you continue your educational journey.


CPD 160 Research Guide

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