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CRE101 Interview/Food Waste

This guide supports information research for a successful interview about food waste.

1. Define

Define the Purpose of your Interview.


2. Research

Research to find background information about the subject/ individual that will help guide your questions. Use Library Resources and Web.

3. Develop

Develop a question outline.
     Keep in mind:

  • Questions should be insightful
  • Questions are tools to get information, input, or reaction YOU want from the interview
  • Effective questions should draw out clear responses!!

Create 10 interview questions!

4. Set up

  • Contact the interviewee by phone or email
  • Give the interviewee a general idea of what you are seeking to learn from them
  • Explain YOUR interview options with them -- in person, phone or email. 
  • Ask which they prefer and arrange a date/time  
  • Ask the interviewee if they have any questions or concerns

5. Interview

Before the Interview:

  • Prepare a list of questions (prioritize- most important first) avoid bias, ask open-ended questions.
    (Video on preparing)
  • Review your background research
  • Review the purpose of your interview

What to do during the Interview:

  • Summarize answers back to interviewee (active listening)
  • Bring a stiff-backed notebook and several writing instruments
  • If you record interview, ask BEFORE doing so
  • Balance note-taking with interaction
  • Stick to the topic, but be flexible

Same rules of courtesy apply to email and phone interviews.

6. Follow up

  • Be sure to thank the interviewee in person and in writing
  • Write up your notes and thoughts right after the interview
  • Offer for your interviewee to review your results and confirm the person is accurately represented

7. Cite

Give your interviewee credits:

    Cite your interview and sources in MLA 8th format.
    There are templates and examples of interview and other citations.
    Use citation guide and help.
    Ask librarians if necessary.

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