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ENG101: First-Year Composition (Beattie)

This guide was designed to support students enrolled in ENG101, however, others researching for ENG might also find the content useful.

Reference database

 Why use it?  

  • Summary information about topics
  • Identifies questions or problems relevant to the topic
  • Helps narrow your research 
  • Provides words or phrases for further searching


Use Gale Virtual Reference Library or Credo Reference to find a reference entry related to the paper topic. 

Email the entry to yourself. 

General database

Why use it?  

  • Covers all major topics.  
  • Provides access to AP videos, newspaper, magazines, trade and scholarly journals. 



Use Academic Search Complete to find an article related to the paper topic.

Email the article to yourself.  

Contemporary Issues database

Why use it?

  • Covers current, hot topic issues 
  • Offers competing viewpoints on issues 
  • Provides access to a variety of resource types, including pro/con pieces, reference, statistics, articles, audio, other

Type a keyword related to your topic and limit by resource type.  Additionally, browse topics.  

Email one resource to yourself.  

Biographical database

Library databases page

Why use it?  

  • Covers a variety of disciplines in depth.  

Identify one subject specific database that is related to your topic.  


Why use it?  

  • Using data to support research strengthens the writer's work/argument.  

Find Books

Search for Books



Book search - how to

Why use monographs?

  • In depth coverage of a single subject.                                           ​

Use the Search for Books widget above. Tick the Physical radio button.  Type a keyword related to your topic.  

Write down the collection and the call number for a book from the results list.

For online books, select the eBooks radio dial.  

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