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ENG102: First-Year Composition (O'Meara)

Guide for persuasive paper research on technology and its impact on our world.

What are scholarly journal articles?

Generally, scholarly or academic journal articles share original ideas and research.  They are written by experts and add to the understanding of a particular field of study.  

Hundreds of scholarly journals from various fields are accessible through the library databases.  

What is peer review?

Most scholarly journals are peer reviewed.  The peer review process subjects the article to a critical examination by experts in the field being discussed.  This increases reliability and prevents misinformation from spreading.  

The following short video, from North Carolina State University Libraries, explains peer review.  

Recommended general databases

Why use it?  

Covers all major topics.  
Provides access to AP videos, newspaper, magazines, trade and scholarly journals. 

Recommended news databases

Library databases -- Complete list