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RDG091 Exploration of Short Story/Novel Topics

This guide helps students to research the topics related to their chosen reading, provides help with citation


  • WIKIPEDIA. It is a good place to start your research if you know absolutely nothing about your topic. It helps you to understand what actually your topic is about, gives you new keywords and terms. *NOTE: Wikipedia entry is not reliable source of information. Evaluate it with C.R.A.P. test.

  • GOOGLE SEARCH BOX. It is a great place to see what information about your topic available to general public. The search result from GOOGLE expends your vocabulary and  helps you to find good keywords, that you can use searching articles and other library resources*NOTE: Evaluate each web source with C.R.A.P. test.

  • LIBRARY HOME PAGE. It is the best place to start your research for reliable information. It has links to databasesguides and helpask a librarian serviceslibrary hours, and more.

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Search tips

    Use BOOLEAN OPERATORS: "AND", "OR", and "NOT" for catalog, databases, and online searches to narrow down your search results and find what you need!


For example, you want to know similarities/differences between FORD and GM, type inside the search box — Ford AND GM.

Type AND between keywords to find web pages and articles that have both words. This type of Boolean search limits your results and increases accuracy. PINK area is the search result.

For example, you want to know as much as possible about FORD and GM, type inside the search box — Ford OR GM.

The OR operator increases your results. It searches the articles that have one or another keyword, or both. BLUE, ORANGE, and GREY area are the search results.

For example, you want to know unique information only about FORD without GM mentioned, type inside the search box — Ford NOT GM.

The NOT excludes keywords that aren’t relevant for your research. The BLUE area is the search result.

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