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RDG091 Exploration of Short Story/Novel Topics

This guide helps students to research the topics related to their chosen reading, provides help with citation


This guide will help you search and explore the topic of a short story you read, evaluate your findings with C.R.A.P. test, and learn about boolean operators for better search results. It also provides templates and samples on how to cite novels, short stories, articles, and Wikipedia Entries.

Topics, Questions, Keywords

FOR EXAMPLE:    You have read a story about newlyweds who go through a conflict, eventually work it out, and save their marriage.

Topic is a theme of the story or novel you have read. Try to say in one or two words what the story is about.

1.   What is the topic?

Newlyweds' challenges, Newlyweds' problems, Newlyweds' behavior, and so on.

Question is an inquiry into a topic of the story you have read, an exploration of it.

2.   What is the question?

How to avoid newlyweds' marriage conflicts? What common mistakes do newlyweds have? How can family counseling help newlyweds? etc.

        Keywords/Key phrases are words/phrases you type inside the search box to find books, articles, and entries across the databases, catalogs, encyclopedias and so on.

3.   What are the keywords/phrases?

Newlyweds, "newlyweds behavior", "newlyweds conflict resolution", etc.

*NOTE: put phrases in quotes.

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