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Reading Techniques & Resources

Reading triggers thinking. Further, reading engages our mind to understand and create meaning from written language. Spanning poetry to spreadsheets, the techniques and resources found in this guide will support your improved reading skills.

Books & eBooks

One of the best ways your GCC Library fosters reading is through book discussions - check out the latest:  Native American Heritage Month 2021- Oak Flat by Lauren Redniss.  Consider some of the following search terms to use with the Search Box below--you can browse for physical books or ebooks or both:

Search Terms

  • Any subject of interest . . . muscle cars, video games (World of Warcraft), social movements, how to pay for college, etc. 
  • Primary reading
  • Reading phonetic
  • Reading language arts
  • Reading instruction
  • Elementary reading
  • Poetry
  • Literacy
  • Reading readiness
  • Reading games
  • Reading comprehension
  • Reading for children
  • High interest-low vocabulary books
  • Children's literature in mathematics education
  • Children's poetry



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