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AI Chat Workshops

AI Chat Definitions

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Computer technology designed to perform tasks and calculations that is typically done by humans or thinking beings.

Large Language Models (LLMs)

An AI system trained on large text dataset to simulate language comprehension and predict the best answer to user prompts. The technology behind AI Chat systems (like ChatGPT).

AI Chat Systems

AI Chat systems (like ChatGPT) utilize LLM technology to provide human-like answers to user prompts from information gathered across the internet.

AI Image Generators

AI systems (like Midjourney, Bing Image Creator) that create images based upon user prompts from images & information gathered across the internet.

What can AI Chat systems do?

AI Chat systems can perform a wide variety of functions, including...

  • Answer Factual Questions
  • Explain Concepts
  • Brainstorm
  • Help you code/math
  • Provide tutoring Assistance
  • Summarizing
  • Writing

What are some AI limitations?

While AI Chats are powerful tools, they do have a number of limitations that are important to keep in mind, such as...

  • Occasionally AI Chats will get things wrong or hallucinate facts & citations.
  • AI Chats are not search engines– can be good at providing answers, but not necessarily the sources where the answers came from.
  • Many AI Chats are not connected (or have limited connections) to the live internet. ChatGPT’s data ends in 2021.
  • Different AI Chats have different data sharing policies.  We encourage you to read or familiarize yourself with them (almost all are available to read online on their sites) if you are concerned about the ways in which your data and prompts are shared.
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