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Research guide for Psychology students, with links to databases, books, APA citation, and other helpful resources.

3 Ways to Search for Scholarly Articles

Search an Individual Database

Select one of the databases below to conduct searches using keyword terms. Keep your search terms short. Do not include full sentences when searching databases.

In addition to exploring one or more of the databases listed below, students might find the Biological Sciences Library Research Guide's list of journals useful to search.

Search using Find Articles - Limiting to Scholarly Results


Use the Find Articles tab on the GCC Library's main webpage. Be sure to limit results to scholarly.


On the search results screen, students may then limit results further by discipline. Limiters are found on the left side of the screen. Students may also limit by date.


Note: In the Find Articles tab of this research guide, there is an embedded search box which allows students to search directly from the guide. Search results will pop up in a new tab, while the research guide tab will also remain open.

Search using the Library's Advanced Search Screen

Go here to access the GCC Library's Advanced search screen. In the screenshot below, you will see a search for keyword terms "causes bio*" and the subject term "schizophrenia". The dropdown arrows beside each field allow a student to select different ways to search. 

The results should also be limited to journal articles. This is important in order to find scholarly-level articles.


Recommended Search Terms

An assignment in PSY275 requires students to locate scholarly, peer-reviewed articles on the biological causes/contributors and treatments for a given psychological disorder.

Try some of the search terms listed below to mine for different results. Mix and match keyword terms with subject terms when using a database specific or advanced search screen. Try adding the word "etiology," which means the cause, set of causes, or manner of causation of a disease or condition.  Note: This is not an exhaustive list of keywords and subjects but only some examples.


  • etiology
  • epidemiology
  • biomarker or "biological marker"  (note: put quotation marks around words you want to find in a specific order)
  • bio*  (note - adding an asterisk tells the database to search for all words beginning with b-i-o)
  • treatment AND/OR cause

Specific Subject Terms:

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