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DAH100: Introduction to Dance

Guide to support the research project for DAH100.

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Call Number Ranges

GCC Library use the Library of Congress Classification system.  As such, most DANCE related materials can be found by looking for the following call number ranges. [GV1500 - GV1800 is the primary range.]  Keep in mind these call numbers may be found in the General, Reference, Video, and other collections.

  • GV 1585:  Dictionaries, encyclopedias
  • GV 1588:  Philosophy (and theory)
  • GV 1589:  Study and teaching
  • GV 1590-GV 1594:  General works
  • GV 1595:  Special aspects of the subject as a whole
  • GV 1597:  Dancing as a profession
  • GV 1600:  Dance criticism, appreciation
  • GV 1645-GV 1728: Dance history (and historical dance)
  • GV 1743:  National dances. Folk dances and dancing (General)
  • GV 1746-GV 1771: Social dancing. Ballroom dancing
  • GV 1781-GV 1795: Theatrical dancing
    • GV 1785: Biography
  • GV 1796: Special dances.

Call numbers for other topics that relate to dance can be found in other sections of the library:

  • Books and music scores with the following call numbers are located in the Music Collection on the 3rd floor of Knight Library:
    • M 1450: Dance music  [scores]
    • M 1520-M 1526:   Ballets (full scores, piano scores, excerpts) [scores]
    • ML 3400-ML 3465:  History and criticism--dance music  [books]
    • MT 950:  Music to accompany instruction in ballet, folk dancing, gymnastics, etc.  [books]
  • Books with the following call numbers are located on the 4th floor of Knight Library, as well as in the Science Library:
    • QM 1- QM 511: General human anatomy
    • QP 1 - QP 345:  General physiology
    • RC 1220:  Sports medicine - Dance

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