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Evaluating Information in the Era of "Fake News"

The Media Bias Chart

It is difficult to calculate one's personal bias.  That said, it is often a worthwhile activity to attempt it if only to see where your own personal biases may lie.  Useful to these efforts is the following Media Bias chart, which tries to outline both the quality of different news sources along with where the bias of each sources lies along the spectrum of liberal to conservative.  As much as possible, the author of the media bias chart tried to be scientific with their calculations as possible and their methodology is outlined along with the chart.

Please take a look...

Your Information Diet

Based upon the Media Bias Chart, the library created this interactive activity that helps one calculate the quality of their news sources, bias, and information diet numerically.  We did so by adding numeric values to each news source on the media bias chart based upon their chart positions along the spectrums of News Quality and Media Bias.  Check out the below quiz to calculate your own news quality, bias, and information diet based on the above chart:

Fact Vs. Opinion