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Evaluating Information in the Era of "Fake News"

This research guide is meant to help users navigate the evaluation of information and "fake news".

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Some possible search terms to consider for both the search box and database include: "Fake News", "Echo Chambers, "Content Bubbles", "Confirmation Bias", etc.

Featured News and Articles on Fake News and Echo Chambers

Scholarly Articles about Fake News and Echo Chambers

Quick note of Scholarly Articles about Fake News:

As of right now, there are currently not a lot of scholarly articles on the topic of Fake News.  However, you will likely find some on the topics of Echo Chambers, Confirmation Bias, and other Media Issues.  The reason for this fact rests in the way in which scholarly articles are produced.  Often these articles take much longer than their newspaper and magazine counterparts, because these articles often include research studies, an extremely thorough examination of the literature, and a rigorous peer-reviewed process where the article is read by other notable experts to confirm facts and information in the article are correct.  Couple these factors with the fact that the topic of Fake News only really came to light during the 2016 election in which Fake News from both sides of the political spectrum began to outperform real news in terms of shares and influence, and you will likely not see many articles on the topic for some months yet.  This being said, the GCC Library will continue to post different scholarly and research articles as they come available.  All this said, here are few published so far on the topic...


Scholarly Articles on Fake News and Echo Chambers:

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