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Fire Science

Research guide for Fire Sciences courses

Reference Articles

A good place to start when researching is a subject-specific encyclopedia. Reference articles from encyclopedias define key terms, explain concepts, and are written with the intent of providing basic understanding before students move on to scholarly sources such as peer-reviewed journals. Try one of the online reference databases below when beginning your research. Enter your MEID and password when prompted after clicking the database link. Need help? Ask a librarian.


When searching for articles, you can use OneSearch to pull information from multiple library databases, or you can search within individual journals/databases for a more narrowed search. 

Type directly into the search box below to see results from a variety of databases. Enter only a few keywords rather than typing full sentences. You can limit results to specific types of articles. Limit your results to scholarly articles, reference articles, magazine, or news articles by clicking on the corresponding button below the search box. 

Search for Online Articles



Fire Safety Journal

Click the link below, then enter your MEID/password when prompted to search or browse issues of Fire Safety Journal.

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