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Great Gatsby

This research guide is meant to help users navigate resources for researching The Great Gatsby.

About this Guide

Welcome to the Great Gatsby Guide!  This guide is meant to help readers and researchers find additional information about the novel...  It is divided into several main parts, which can be found through the left:


  • Getting Started -- This section contains an overview of the Great Gatsby along with an analysis of the major themes and characters in the novel.
  • Find Articles --  This section lists a variety of Literature databases and online sources filled with articles on books and novels.  In this section, you will find a lot of works dealing with the major themes of the Great Gatsby.  You might want to search “Great Gatsby” AND whatever theme you are looking to explore.  For example: “Great Gatsby” AND money
  • Find Books -- This section lists a variety of books on the Great Gatsby along with a search box from which you might find additional titles.  Like the articles, these will often deal with the major themes in the Great Gatsby.  I recommend looking at the Table of Contents to find the chapters that deal with your topic a little faster.
  • Historical Sources -- This section is all about the historical era of the Great Gatsby.  The history of a novel is a great place to analyze some of the meanings within a text given their historical context.
  • F. Scott Fitzgerald -- This section is all about the author F. Scott Fitzgerald and provides biographical information about the man behind the book.  This is another great place to uncover some of the hidden meanings behind a text.
  • Citation Help-- This page links to the library's citation guide that walks you through creating bibliographies in various formats.

Great Gatsby Research Guide

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