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This research guide is meant to help users navigate resources for journalism students..

Where in the Collection?

JOURNALISM materials can appear in various places in the library depending on a few different factors. Some current works may be in the LEISURE as well as the CAREER and VIDEO collections. The primary place for the study and history of JOURNALISM is in the GENERAL collection. Most titles center in the Library of Congress Classification range: "PN 4699-5650".

However, photojournalism is found in the photography section (TR 820). You'll get other journalism resources in sports, education, law, business, and even the section on libraries and books. Books by journalists writing on a particular topic will be shelved next to other books on the same topic-- throughout the collection. 

  • PN 4699-5650: Journalism. The periodical press, etc.
    • PN 4735-4748: Relation to the state. Government and the press. Liberty of the press.
    • PN 4775-4784: Technique. Practical journalism.
    • PN 4825-4830: Amateur journalism.
    • PN 4840-5650: By region, country, and culture
  • GV 742.4 Sports writers.
  • HM 851: Digital Media.
  • LB 3620: School journalism.
  • NC 1300-1766: Political Cartoons. (also historical eras & places and PN 6700-6790 for comics.)
  • PN 147: Magazine writing.
  • TR 820 Photojournalism.
  • Z 657: Censorship, freedom of the press.

Useful SUBJECT terms are "journalists" and "journalism." Add terms such as "Political Aspects," "Professional," "History," "Freelance," "Women," "Online," etc. to find specific topics. Video and eBooks are also available.

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