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MCO120 Media & Society (Desai)

This research guide is meant to help users navigate resources for MCO120 students.

Find Articles



When researching a media company, consider using the Boolean AND with the aspect of the company you wish to research.  Doing so will net you results that include both your company and this topic.  For instance, you may try: Facebook AND elections, YouTube AND misinformation, Disney AND messages, Comcast AND net neutrality, Amazon AND employees, etc.

 If you need help finding an article...  Ask a Librarian!

Featured News Databases

Featured Research Databases

Additional Library Databases

Searching Google

Please try some of the library resources first.  That said, Google can also have some valuable information too.  Just remember, not all sites on Google are the same in terms of information quality.  Therefore, keep the following questions in mind when searching Google...

  • Is the author a knowledgeable expert on my topic?
  • Was research done to support the article?  Or does the author bring up points anyone could just make up?
  • Is the article biased in some way or possibly owned by one of the media companies in question?
  • And is the article still current?
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