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Money Talks

Resources and support to go along with the Money Talks series.

What is Money Talks and who is this for?

GCC Money Talks is a financial wellness and empowerment program for the entire GCC community. You can opt into the GC Virtual Money Talks Canvas (MEID required) for immediate access to Money Talks content, replays On Demand and advance notification of events. 

Money Talks is open to ALL students as well as faculty and staff. Money Talks is a collaboration between STEM Connect, Financial Aid and a growing number of campus departments.

Money Talks is here to help students and the campus community:

  • Learn about money
  • Dispel fears and myths about money
  • Make more informed decisions

In particular, Money Talks aims to help students:

  • Be more informed about paying for college so that they can avoid or limit their student debt, so they can get more of the financial benefits of their education.

Want to know more? Please visit the Money Talks webpage for more information and to register for upcoming series. 

Worried about student debt?

3 Steps to Be a Smart Borrower

Worried About Student Debt?

3 Steps to Be A Smart Borrower

Tuesday, February 28th at 2:30 in MA 142

Wednesday, April 19th at 2:30 live online

  • Avoid being overburdened by student debt
  • 10 ways to keep your school costs down 
  • Conquer the 4 biggest student debt pitfalls
  • Cut through career confusion
  • Stay on track to graduate 

Can’t make it? Register for the replay!

Money Talks Schedule

Level Up Your Money Know-How to Change Your Financial Future!

The Wealth Secret, Wednesday, 3/8 2:30-4 pm

You’ll learn what wealth is, and what the wealthy do differently. Then you’ll learn how to change your financial behavior so that you can course correct and start to change your financial future. This session was previously, Money: A New Start and you’ll learn the foundational step of managing money, which is managing yourself!

Managing Money, Wednesday, 3/22 at 2:30-4 pm

You’ll learn what it means to manage your money, why to start now, and how to prepare for the unexpected.

Credit and Debt, Wednesday, 4/5 at 2:30-4 pm

What is credit and how are credit scores calculated? How do you evaluate credit card offers and other forms of borrowing? 

Financial Pitfalls 

Debt is just one of many financial pitfalls that can derail your finances. So can scams, lifestyle inflation, technological changes and more. This session and the 3 sessions listed above are available On Demand in the GC Money Talks Canvas - register for the link

Be A Smart Borrower, Wednesday, 4/19 at 2:30-4 pm 

Worried about Student Debt? Learn the 3 Steps To Be A Smart Borrower and avoid being overburdened by student debt. Learn 10 ways to keep school costs down, the 4 biggest student debt pitfalls, plus how to cut through career confusion and stay on track to graduate! 

Note that this presentation is also available in person, next Tuesday, February 28th at 2:30 in MA 142. Can’t make it? Register for the replay! Sign up here!

Friday, 4/28 10 am - 12 pm - The Special, Invitation Only Session on Understanding Investing. Those that complete the 5 Money Talks Modules listed above will be invited to attend the Special, Invitation Only Session on Understanding Investing on Friday, 4/28.

Sign up NOW at

GBS132 Personal and Family Financial Security

Want a deeper understanding of money? Enroll in GBS 132 Personal and Family Financial Security

Principles and practices of personal and family financial planning, includes savings, budgeting, credit, buying versus renting, and general principles of consumerism. Prerequisites: None.

This semester GBS 132 is offered as an 8 week online class that starts April 23rd. (Class #10444) and it's also being offered over the Summer from July 3rd to August 3rd (Class #12839)

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