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Money Talks

Resources and support to go along with the Money Talks series.

Smart Borrower Commitment

Smart Borrower Commitment 

Part one: What is your career goal? If you aren't sure, refer to the "Campus and District Resources" below for career counseling and career services. Clarifying your career objective will help to determine a likely entry level salary as a guide for borrowing money. It will also encourage you to take applicable classes and motivate you to complete your program. 

Part two: What education level do you need to obtain your degree? (e.g. associates, bachelor's, master's)

Part three: Where do you expect to live (Be sure to use the estimated first year salary for the area where you expect to work)

Part four: Research the entry level annual salary for this occupation in the area you intend to live. You can research careers and likely earnings for your area at My Smart Borrowing.

Part five: Make the entry level, first year earnings for your job be the maximum about that you will borrow for education. (e.g. If you determine your entry level annual salary is $50,000 then keep your borrowing under $50,000 

Campus and District Resources

GCC Financial Aid and Scholarships

GCC Counseling - Career Counselors can help you navigate the process of choosing your career objective and major, or help you to learn more about what you can do with a major (or decide on appropriate major for your career objective)

GCC Career Services - helps with job resources, as well as internships and they do workshops on related topics, including career interviews (speak with someone in your field of interest) and benefits of job shadowing.

Maricopa Community Colleges offer two kinds of scholarships, those funded through the District and those funded through the Maricopa Foundation, Maricopa scholarships

Need assistance applying for scholarships?  Sign up for a 1 on 1 session with our scholarship coordinators to:

Walk you through the online general application process.

Share tips on how to write a successful essay.

Answer any questions you have regarding scholarships to make the application process easy and comprehensible

FATV- Get Counseling

Financial Aid TV has an educational tool called GetCounseling. You can watch connected videos on topics like “Student Loan Basics”, “Essentials of Student Loan Repayment”, and “Money Management”. In between some of the videos are short quizzes to help you remember the information. You will create an account to track your progress through the sessions.

FATV- Financial Aid Answers

Financial Aid TV has a vast library of videos on financial aid and financial literacy. You can quickly search with specific questions or search “financial literacy” to get started.

Education and Success

Net Cost for Education

Educational Costs and Student Debt

3 Steps to be a smart borrower

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