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This guide contains resources that covers Mythology around the globe.


This guide contains information about mythology around the globe. It is divided into several main categories:

  • Reference Sources. This page showcases a number of our general and reference sources. These sources are great places to begin mythological research.
  • Book Sources. On this page you will find a search box to our book resources and a collection of featured mythology books.
  • Database and Web Resources. On these pages, you will find subject-specific databases and websites for mythological research
  • Great Mythologies of the World Video Courses. Four esteemed professors, renowned experts in their fields, will transport you to exotic locations and ancient civilizations in this 60-lecture series. You'll become immersed in the geographies and cultures each section features, aided by stories and characters created by the indigenous people of each region, which are still reflected in our tales today. You'll come away from this course with a deeper appreciation for these remarkable cultures and the immense power of the mythologies of the world.