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About this Guide


Welcome to the Philosophy Research Guide!  This guide is for meant to help researchers interested in philosophy and philosophical topics.  This guide is divided into several main areas.

  • Getting Started-- This page introduces you to some general sources to help you understand the field of philosophy and some of the major aspects of this discipline.
  • Find Books-- This page has a searchbox where you can begin searching for both physical and ebook titles.  As well, a list of some of our new and featured titles can be found on this page.
  • Find Articles-- This page has a search box that will allow you to search our rich collections of online articles.  Also on this page are links to our philosophy databases and philosophical journals.
  • Find Videos-- This page contains a search box to find physical and online videos in philosophy.  As well, links are available on this page that will take you to some of the streaming video collections the library carries.
  • Philosophical Eras and Movements--  This page breaks down some of the major philosophical movements in Western Philosophy with a number of reference articles that give overviews of different eras and books from the time period that are available at the GCC Library.
  • World Philosophy-- This page has a representative philosophical books that span the globe of ideas.

Philosophy Research Guide