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Reimagine Teaching Library Resource Guide

Resources of Project Reimagine

What Is Service Learning? What Is Experiential Learning?

At GCC, Service Learning connects students to meaningful community service with academic learning through guided reflection. This approach illustrates for students that community connection is an important outcome of higher education and preparation for future work/life endeavors as well as robust citizenship.

Experential Learning includes internships and clinicals, provides students with direct experience in a work setting with coaching experiences by professionals in the field that augment and further develop student learning. This approach affords students a hands-on opportunity to pursue a career interest while still pursuing a degree.

"Service-learning refers to learning that actively involves students in a wide range of experiences, which often benefit others and the community, while also advancing the goals of a given curriculum.Community-based service activities are paired with structured preparation and student reflection. What is unique about service learning is that it offers direct application of theoretical models." 


 "Service Learning."University of Washington, 2019,


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