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Social Justice Poetry

Guide created to support the often annual Social Justice Poetry event co-sponspored and supported by several GCC student groups.

Search for Books



See below for search terms and tips for finding relevant poetry books.  If you need help finding a book on the shelf or online...  Ask a Librarian!

Selected Book of Social Justice Poetry (General)

Useful subject headings for finding books of poetry related to general social justice themes:

Poetry of Black America

Useful links for finding poetry related to the Black American experience. Use sidebar limiters to show only books available online.

Crip Poetry and Poetry from the Disability Community

Useful links for finding related poetry books. Use sidebar limiters to show only books available online.

Environmental Poetry

Poetry of the Immigrant / Refugee Experience

Indigenous Poetry

Useful Links for finding Indigenous poetry.

Islam & the Muslim Experience

Labor Poetry and Workers' Rights

Useful Links for Finding Books including the Poetry of Labor and Workers' Rights:

Latin American / Latinx

Useful links for finding poetry of the Latin American experience.

  • Camino del Sol book series - Since 1994, the Camino del Sol series has been one of the premier vehicles for Latina/o literary voices. University of Arizona Press
  • Subject Headings


Useful subject headings for finding the poetry reflecting the LGBT experience:

Limiting your search to ONLINE items after the initial results may useful for those working off campus. For instance, here's a search on gay and lesbian poetry limited to online books. Some are books OF poetry. Others are books ABOUT poetry, etc.

Other Regions / Populations

Poetry of the War Experience

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