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Sociology and Social Work

This research guide is meant to help users navigate resources for Sociology & Social Work students.

About this Page

You will see several sections on this page.  Below are descriptions of each:  

  • One Search.  This section contains a search box that does a search of all the GCC Library's article databases.  Radio buttons below this search box allow you to narrow by article type or even allow you to use a version of Google Scholar that integrates with the GCC Library's resources.
  • Featured Article Databases.  This section will allow you search some of the online article database the GCC Library carries with strong religious studies collections.  These will provide less articles but may have more relevant results than the One Search option.
  • Statistics Information.  This section will allow you to find some statistical information and resources for your topic.
  • Online Journals.  The last option on this page are our collections of online journals.  All of the GCC Library's articles come from various issues of journals and periodicals.  Normally, when you do a search, you simply search for articles contained in all of these journals.  However, you can also explore journals issue by issue with some of these helpful links.

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Limit to Sociology


Featured Article Databases

Statistics Information

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