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Style Guide and Best Practices (libguides)

How to Copy the GCC General Guide Template

Copying An Existing Guide- Springshare instructions

Creating a new guide by using an existing guide as a template has a couple more steps than creating one from scratch, but is just as easy!

Create Guide link on the Dashboard

  1. Get to the create guide screen.
    • ​​From the Home / Dashboard page, click + Create Guide in the LibGuides Shortcuts box.
    • Or go to Content > Guides and click the + Create Guide button at the top of the page.
  2. Choose Layout or Reuse:
    • Choose Local Guides (your guides & your coworkers' guides) or Community Guides (searches all LibGuides v2 sites) to narrow your search.
    • Click in the "Select a guide" box and start typing the name of the guide-- "General Guide Template by Sean O'Brien."
      (Or you can add the guide's URL--
    • Select the guide from the search results.
    • Reasons why a guide might not appear:
      • Sharing Guide Content is set to No (if an internal guide) or Internal (if Community).
      • The guide's status is not Published or Private (if Community).
      • It's a v1 guide - you cannot copy v1 guides into v2 systems (or vice versa).
  3. Start Fresh is selected by default - select Copy content / layout from an existing guide instead.Using an existing guide to create a new guide.
  4. Fill out the rest of the form:
    • Guide Name & Description:
      Remember, keep these short & to the point! *Change from "copy of General Guide Template" and make a specific name following the Guide Naming Standards
    • Guide Type:
      Select the type of guide; default is "General Purpose." This aids users in browsing through guides on the public side.
    • Share Guide Content:
      • No: No one can reuse this guide, either in our outside of your system.
      • Internal: Can be reused within your system, but not outside of it.
      • Community: Can be reused in any v2 system.
  5. Click Create Guide.

What are master guides?

For certain topics, we will be creating a "Master Guide" that everyone will link to from any new guides.

  • What content would be put into a master guide? We currently have one for Citations.
  • Why use a master guide? Rather than creating original content over and over, master guides allow for multiple users and guides to offer access to consistent coverage of information. When the master guide is updated, all those who link to the master will be updated, too. 

Copying Boxes Only

Click on the Reuse Existing Box tab and select the box you want to reuse. ​You can choose premade boxes from the General Guide Template or the Widgets Guide. Both guides have embedded search boxes already created. 

See the Springshare box instruction page.

Creative Commons Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share-Alike License Tag

All guides are available under the CC-BY-NC-SA license.