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Style Guide and Best Practices (libguides)

Publication Checklist

Before you publish your guide, make sure you have all the boxes checked.



Consulted with liaison for subject area before creating guide.


Reviewed the Best Practices Guide and specifically Springshare’s Writing for the Web Guidelines.


Copied from General Guide Template by Sean (or from an existing guide that follows the template; example: Eng101). (link)


Maintained Template box/ page default colors to ensure consistency. (Special themes like space for Astronomy are the exception.)


Removed template text and filled in text on “About This Guide” page to reflect your current guide.


Filled in the Subject category and Tagged with any keywords that would help guide students when searching. If you have a general subject or class guide, please also designate the correct Field of Interest Group (drop-down choices). (link)


Account profile box was updated with contact information and an image (adjuncts- ask if liaison needs to be added). (See guidelines: link)


Kept left navigator language as consistent as possible to the template using “find.” (Example: Find articles, Find books.)


Followed naming standards on style guide. (link)


Created friendly URL for each page of the guide. (link)


Wrote text with web consumption in mind: keep it short and simple. (link)


Used default font with minimal italics and no underlining or ALL CAPS


Tested all links. Made sure pages open in a new window if they are outside links. (link) **Must publish in order to test links.


Reused content/ widgets when possible. (link)


Included the Ask a Librarian chat box (defaults in the Template Guide).


Used A-Z “add database” preset option instead of a link when adding databases. (link)


Added a subject to your guide (found in the upper-left above the guide menu (this will be important for the drop-down object we add later to the home page). (link)


Ordered resources/ links by relevance (most recommended first on the list).


Added alt-text descriptions to images. (link)


Added a redirect URL page for Citation Help to all guides (default on template). (link)


Made Guide Live through Change Status and Control in upper-right. (link)

  Sent guide link to Pam and Sean for review once published and to embed in Canvas.


If you are unsure of anything listed above, please ask Sean or Pam for assistance.

Guide Status

Overview of how to publish from Springshare.

How to update your guide's status

  1. Click on the Guide Status button (it will reflect the current status of your guide).
  2. Select Change Status & Share.
  3. In the Publication Status dropdown, select the new status and click the adjacent Save button.
Creative Commons Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share-Alike License Tag

All guides are available under the CC-BY-NC-SA license.